sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

TheRhythmIsOdd, Raw material (2011)

TheRhythmIsOdd were formerly known as Trio, and we have stocked a previous album by them entitled "From Nowhere to Eternity". On that one, they played a sort of heavy power trio fusion music. Here, they've not only changed their name, but they have changed their approach. This is a heavy, psych/out/jammer, which will remind you of groups like early Guru Guru, Sepsis and Loch Ness. The band plays with total authority and also with total abandon. Unbelievably great if you like this style; highly recommended. (http://www.waysidemusic.com/Music-Products/TheRhythmIsOdd---Raw-Material__TRIO-spc-003.aspx)

1. Traveller (3:07)
2. Subway (13:33
3. Mrs. Hippie (3:02)
4. Road less travelled (12:17)
5. Marten Trotzigs dance of decades (1:19)
6. Vision of thoughts (9:19)

Bjorn Egelius: Bajo eléctrico
Tobbe Johansson: Guitarra eléctrica, acústica, guitarra-sintetizador
Leif Fredriksson: Batería y percusiones

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